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Den & Lauren, Ch. 3, Episode 9 – “Homecoming”

They were waiting for Den, Tamara and Shae to step off the train at the station: Lauren, Isao, Megumi, Belinda and his Mum Beryl.

Beryl and Lauren were first to greet them. Beryl embraced Den, and Lauren approached the twins. Lauren pointed to the one on the left. ‘Shae,’ she said, ‘and you’re Tamara.’

The girls glanced at one another. ‘How can you tell?’

‘You’ve got the rose tattoo on your breast,’ Lauren replied. Shae and Tamara glanced down at their chests. They were both wearing blouses which covered up their chests.

Lauren chuckled. ‘Your scents,’ she replied. ‘It’s always easy to tell you two apart.’

Beryl smiled, and turned to look at Den. ‘So how was it?’

‘It was a fascinating trip,’ Den replied. ‘We spent a few nights there. Shae took me to various places in Manchester, and I took some great photos.’

‘I know,’ Beryl replied. ‘We’ve been following you on Instagram. Videos and all.’

‘Cool,’ Den said. ‘You got the hang of Insta, then?’

Beryl nodded.


‘Welcome home, Den,’ Isao said, reaching out his hand. ‘We missed you.’

Den shook Mr Tanaka’s hand. ‘Likewise,’ he said. Den looked at his friends’ smiling faces. ‘So, then … who’s minding the shop?’

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Den & Lauren, Ch. 3, Episode 8 – “The Mancunian Assignment, Part 2”

‘And come back in the room a little bit, Shae,’ said Den, gesturing. ‘Just enough for your conscious to be aware, but unable to do anything about it. Come on.’

Shae shook her head and blinked. She looked around. Her eyes widened.

‘Oh, my God,’ she said. ‘How did you – why can’t I -?’ She stared at Den. ‘How come I can’t move? Why are we both naked?’ She paused, frowning.  She looked at Tamara, who remained locked in blissful trance.

Shae looked back at Den, fearful. ‘What are you gonna do with me?’

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Den & Lauren, Ch. 3, Episode 7 – “The Mancunian Assignment, Part 1”

‘And how are you feeling now?’ Den asked.

‘Really good,’ said the young blonde on his smartphone, on the other end of the video chat. Her face was streaming with tears. ‘Thank you.’

‘You’re welcome, Emma,’ Den replied, his hypnotic voice like honey. ‘Listen, I’m going to be busy for a while. Will you be okay till, oh, next week some time?’

‘Sure,’ Emma said, nodding, her expression grateful. ‘See you soon.’

Den hung up, and looked up at Tamara, who was finishing off a strawberry milkshake. She looked at Den.

‘All done?’

‘All done, Tamara.’

Tamara looked atound at her surroundings. They had found the TGI Fridays on the upper concourse of Manchester Piccadilly railway station. Below them, they could hear the bustle of the crowd. It was late in the afternoon, and the crowd was heading home.

‘Great,’ Tamara said. ‘Finish your burger and let’s go.’

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Den & Lauren, Ch. 3, Episode 6 – “Languages of Love”

The present moment

‘I can’t believe I did that,’ Lauren said, to Isao.

They were watching a video file on one of Lauren’s laptops. The laptop was on the coffee table, and they were watching a projection on the wall opposite, courtesy of a new projector that Tamara had installed. The video they were watching was security camera footage of the events in The Hub, where the live feed of Den and Megumi had made Lauren, Tamara and Belinda strip naked and smoke, before pouncing on one another, Tamara on Belinda and Lauren on her husband.

‘Kind of Tamara to put up the projector for us last night,’ Lauren said, sipping her tea.

‘Have they gone?’ Isao asked.

‘They left this morning,’ Lauren replied. ‘Her and Den. They should be in Manchester within the hour.’

Isao put down his empty cup. ‘Good.’ He looked at Lauren. ‘We have to talk about you and Den,’ he said.

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Den & Lauren, Ch. 3, Episode 5 – “Hot Coffee”

Detective John Reeves sat across from his wife Susan at the kitchen table. It was late. He’d just turned on the kitchen light.

John stared at her in silence, while Susan patiently solved a sudoku puzzle in the paper. As the last number slipped into place, Susan drew in her breath and looked up at John. Both were blushing furiously.

‘Go on,’ Susan said. ‘Say it.’

‘We shouldn’t have done that,’ John said.

Susan shook her head. ‘No,’ she said, ‘we really shouldn’t have.’

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Den & Lauren, Ch. 3, Episode 4 – “Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It …”

‘Is it working?’

Lauren sat in the back office of the Posta Cafe. Belinda had entered the room, and was looking at the monitor.

‘I just accessed the spycams,’ Lauren said. ‘It looks as if they just came in.’

Three spycam images were monitoring the Tanakas’ living room. On the monitors, Den and Megumi had just entered the room.

‘Where’s Mr Tanaka?’ Belinda asked.

‘With Tamara, in The Hub,’ Lauren replied. ‘Are you ready?’

‘I’ll bring the popcorn,’ Belinda said.

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